It’s been four months since I turned nineteen (March 24, aries baby!) and the experience has been a thoughtful one.I’ve spent more time in my head than with friends, mostly worrying about the scary future. I mean, it’s kind of hard not to when it seems like everyone your age is always hustling and prospering. I try my best not to compare myself to others because we’re all in our own lanes, going at our own pace. But sometimes–late at night, while scrolling through social media feeds–I’ll question myself and wonder, am I really doing enough?

“Comparison is the death of joy” – Mark Twain

And I guess that feeling is common when you’re coming of adult age. It’s just something that we have to overcome, another block in the road to jump over.

(Wow, how many road metaphors can ya girl come up with in one blogpost?)

This list of twenty things is just that–an obstacle for me to accomplish. A checklist of my life. It would be cool if I completed these before I turned twenty (I’ve still got eight months), but if I don’t, they’ll just roll over to my bucket list.

  1. Finish twenty, enjoyable books
    • So far, I’ve only completed three (I wrote about those books in this Wrap-Up). Lol, wish me luck on this one.
  2. Reach 100 followers on this blog
    • Go tell your friends, family, strangers, everybody about this blog!
  3. Go to an open mic
    • I lowkey want to perform some of my spoken words…but I’m too nervous. So just going to an open mic would be a big step for me.
  4. Have something published
  5. Go hiking
    • There’s several mountains around my college that I can get to by car. I’ve just been too lazy and busy to go and complete this goal.
  6. Start a book club
  7. Go on a road trip
  8. Cook Guinean food by myself
  9. Visit 10 new thrift/vintage stores
  10. Do Nanowrimo
  11. Get an internship
  12. Take a picture a day
    • I’ve got this lovely camera that I hardly use. I need to stop being lazy and self-conscious and just use it.
  13. Write a killer essay for my transfer app
  14. Go to a festival
    • Preferably free. Solange is coming to my city, and the tickets are like $200 and I wanna go. But she’s the only artist I truly wanna see, and ya girl isn’t willing to spend that kind of money for just one artist’s set.
  15. Learn how to do my own makeup
    • I’m a lost cause when it comes to makeup, so this should be fun.
  16. Learn to sew
    • This has been a goal of mine for a minute. I already know how to hand sew, and learning how to work a sewing machine would be fantastic. I really, really want to make my own clothes and possibly save money that way. (Cheapskate with expensive taste).
  17. Buy less fast fashion
    • This is gonna be HARD.
  18. Go club hopping
    • I’ll be so impressed with myself if I actually complete this.
  19. Practice yoga more
  20. Start YouTube
    • I think I’m pretty interesting, and I love editing things (pics, videos, written stuff). I already posted one video that I’m proud of, so go check it out (only if you want to)!

Looking back, these things don’t seem super profound. And that’s okay, because the smaller things in life can lead to those huge and amazing accomplishments. Who knows, maybe one of these will lead me to earning a Nobel Prize or something.


(songs I listened to while writing this)


Y’all are the realest, and don’t ever forget it.


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