Wow. It’s been a minute since I’ve logged on to WordPress and typed out a blogpost. And I have a very good reason (we don’t accept excuses here) for this. Besides moving into college (I’m in an apartment, y’all!) and preparing for my six classes (pray for ya girl) and transfer application, I’ve broken out of my writer’s block.

Yes. The infamous writer’s black. A sneaky lil’ virus that greedily preys on vulnerable writers–like me.

I haven’t been able to sit down and write creatively for a while. No matter how many ideas hit me, I could never muster the motivation to just write. When it came to school stuff, I could do it as long as I got an incentive at the end (getting good grades is the way to my heart). But with storytelling, I’d always find a reason not to write.

Until now. And that’s my reason for my “hiatus.” I’ve been writing so many awesome things; I’ve never been this proud of my writing before. And I want to do something that I don’t usually do–I want to share the process and stories with y’all.

I think this would be a cool addition to my blog. I could receive feedback and you guys can follow my journey through writing. Maybe I’ll name those posts something cute, like Storytime with the Nomad, lol.